PHIC is committed to working with the government and the community to ensure the long-term prosperity of Port Hedland. Our aim is to build enduring relationships based on mutual respect and long term commitment.

We acknowledge that some community members have expressed concerns and we are seeking to work with the community and indeed all relevant stakeholders in managing the impact of dust emissions on the community.

To achieve this, it is vital that the PHIC understands the issues that are important to the community and that the community have an understanding of the value of Port Hedland industry to the community and the State.

It is through dedicated engagement, consultation, research, industry tours, industry and community forums, and dissemination of information about our members and their business that PHIC endeavours to develop a shared understanding with the community.

If you would like to speak with a PHIC representative please contact Kirsty Danby, Chief Executive Officer (Acting)

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