Port Hedland Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

The Port Hedland ambient air quality monitoring network (the Network) consists of eight monitoring stations established to monitor a range of environmental parameters including dust concentrations such as PM10, along with meteorological conditions including wind speed and wind direction.

The Port Hedland monitoring Network is assessed according to the Port Hedland Dust Management Taskforce Dust Management Plan and a 24-hour average interim guideline for PM10 of 70 μg/m3 at the Taplin Street monitoring site.

The Network is independently operated, maintained and calibrated by Ecotech, a specialist air quality monitoring provider. Ecotech also worked with the Department of Water and Environment Regulation for the recent LiDAR deployment in Port Hedland.

PHIC communicates honestly and transparently openly sharing real-time monitoring data and reporting on dust monitoring. Monitoring information and analysis is provided in the Annual Monitoring Report, where dust exceedences over the guideline are investigated and reported publically and to the regulator.

PHIC remains committed to working with government to ensure stakeholders trust the monitoring data of the air quality monitoring network. 

Naturally occurring dust is a significant contributor to overall dust in Port Hedland. We encourage broader dust management and exposure reduction opportunities that are not isolated to industry.

Technical detail of how to view or interpret parameters displayed in the website can be viewed via the information tab.

We acknowledge the information provided is of a scientific nature.

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